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Economic decisions in healthcare practices require on the one hand very specific business management knowledge. On the other hand, current and meaningful data and facts, especially from the outpatient healthcare market are difficult to acquaint. For more than 15 years, ATLAS MEDICUS® has been facing this challenge with a (access-protected) modern online application.

Companies, consultants, banks, insurance companies as well as medical or commercial management of larger practices or medical centers will find a tool for business administration, management and control of outpatient facilities.

  • Calculation tools allow you to compare practices of the same specialist group or region.
  • Geographical analytical tools illustrate the medical supply density as well as open or locked regions according to the demand planning.
  • The information service economically analyzes the expert group in great detail and contains important and regional data contributing to decision-making.
  • According to the modified German income approach, the evaluator enables you to determine an initial estimate of a practice’s potential market worth.
  • The ROI-PLANNER calculates the amortization period for important and major practice investments and creates fully automated long-term financial plans.

Contact your bank, consultant or our team ( regarding the comprehensive possibilities of the tools of ATLAS MEDICUS®.


Demonstrate competence – Provide additional benefit

  • regional specialist group knowledge in information service
  • comparing average profiles and benchmarks
  • conduct practice estimates
  • map-functions for regional analysis
  • modularly extensible to pharmacies, dental laboratories, etc.
  • generate high-quality reports with the push of a button

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BERND REBMANN has been active in the healthcare industry for about 20 years. With industry insiders he also goes by the name of “Mr. ATLAS MEDICUS”. As an enthusiastic economist he studied business administration at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and achieved his doctorate in economics at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. He is the analist, creative mind and networker of our team. BERND REBMANN is the CEO of REBMANN RESEARCH GmbH & Co. KG and REBMANN TECHNOLOGY GmbH. With both companies, he is pursuing the goal to become one of the leading service providers for digital knowledge and consulting tools.