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ATLAS DENTAL – market study to accompany the IDS in Cologne, the leading global trade fair for the dental community

ATLAS DENTAL – market study to accompany the IDS in Cologne, the leading global trade fair for the dental community

REBMANN RESEARCH has once again compiled a study to accompany the IDS in Cologne, the leading global trade fair for the dental community.

Following a resounding success in 2013 with the „Fahrplan Dental“ study, ATLAS DENTAL once again provides a comprehensive overview of the most important developments in this very dynamic industry. ATLAS DENTAL is available as a PDF for you to print or download on the website of GFDI, the trade fair enterprise of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (the VDDI) or as smartphone version „to go“.

In addition to dental manufacturers and dealers the ATLAS DENTAL study also addresses to dentists in practices and dental technicians. The goal of this study is to draw on comprehensive research of data and literature

  • to analyse structures and relevant market data in selected European countries
  • to illustrate the challenges market stakeholders face, wether demographic, technologial, market-related, regulatory or otherwise
  • and, also, to assist you in the development of realistic scenarios for the future

The creations of detailed structural maps is just one proficiency of REBMANN RESEARCH. These maps illustrate important market indicators and, at a glance, clearly point out differences in individual European countries. You can immediately see from the contrast in colouring that a significant north-south disparity exists with regard to the utilisation of dental services.

Use of dental services

For Europe a vast quantity of data is available. REBMANN RESEARCH has updated these data for the international audience related to the dental market. Our structural profiles specifically created for individual European countries allow you to see at a glance whether national statistics lie below or above the avarage. As you can see Spain leads the field in Europe when it comes to dental medicine graduates but the portion of dentists purchasing through the internet is relatively low.

Structure profile for Spain

What challenges does the future hold especially for the European dental business.

Manufacturer and dealers of dental products are evolving from being purely suppliers of products to become holistic solution providers. This also applies to many services in consulting, financing, establishement and assessment of dental practices and laboratories. It’s precisely in this area that REBMANN RESEARCH is able to provide support for the dental business in addtion to the data research already available. Already today a lot of well-known companies – even DAX companies – profit from our versatility and pace – characteristics defining REBMANN RESEARCH.

  1. The market knowledge contained in our ATLAS DENTAL is expandable (in cooperation with dental companies) and may be complemented by further countries or particularly interesting indicatiors. Vision is to create a European knowledge plattform assisting the players in the complex field of international sales activities.
  2. By using the know-how of REBMANN RESEARCH as well as an extensive system of digital tools own portals may be created or existing ones may be enhanced, thus providing dental business its very own USP.
  3. Especially our „to-go“ versions“ are easy to handle – even without any economic knowledge. This allows to pass on valuable digital services to dental practices or laboratories.




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