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Advising medical professionals online – the updated ATLAS MEDICUS® 4.0 dashboard version sets new standards

Advising medical professionals online – the updated ATLAS MEDICUS® 4.0 dashboard version sets new standards

Schramberg/Berlin. Especially in difficult times medical professionals depend on the support of economic specialists – more and more in form of online consulting. With the new ATLAS MEDICUS® dashboard version REBMANN RESEARCH improves efficiency, individuality and time management.

ATLAS MEDICUS® brings transparency to the healthcare market

The outpatient healthcare market is extremely complex and economically different from other sectors. The numerous specialist groups, regional distinctions and a complicated billing system require an expert know-how. How does the economic business model of healthcare professionals work? What exactly does a pulmonologist do? How many gynaecologists are there in Baden-Württemberg? What minimum turnover is required in a successful practice? What are the opportunities and risks for a practice? – For years we have been answering these questions competently with ATLAS MEDICUS®.

In the new 4.0 version you can access a dashboard where you will see everything you need to know about a selected specialist group and region. It offers the consultant the opportunity to give expert advice even when running low on time. ATLAS MEDICUS® can be used on any mobile device (e.g. smartphone or tablet) and with the help of a conference system consultants can easily and visually advise clients online.


With the help of our digital consulting assistant “Practice Planner” you can keep an eye on all the economic key figures of a practice – reaching from practice establishment to expansion to succession. The tool can be used with little manual input and is perfect for (online) consulting. You can set up a practice controlling over multiple years for your client and analyse numerous data (such as minimum turnovers, benchmark comparisons, private liquidity calculations, practice value evaluations) with only one tool. Naturally, all the information can be saved and reports can be printed if desired. This tool is great for establishing a controlling system in bigger practices, especially if complexity is added by special operating assets or interdisciplinary constellations.

„Infodienst“ provides you with information about the healthcare sector and its specialist groups. Besides general market information, you will also find regional and national performance data, cost structures as well as information about diagnoses, services from the IGeL catalogue, investment recommendations and much more. This saves the consulter and the client a lot of time which they would otherwise spend on doing research. Further, this tool is perfect to prepare for an (online) meeting with a client or to deepen your knowledge in general with group-specific reports.

You want to get details on the market and its specialist groups via data visually adapted and presented with maps? You need information on requirement planning or selective contracts for primary care physicians?  – “Regionalanalyse” offers the required data and information down to county level.

ATLAS MEDICUS allows you to advise doctors, dentists and other medical professionals digitally, competently and professionally in all stages of their life.


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