Trademarks protect our numerous
innovations in addition to the copy-rights.

In the picture, from left to right: Daniel Möller (software engineer), Dr. Bernd Rebmann (founder, CEO), Matthias Haberstroh (software engineer)

For the procurement and processing of economic data online, we have developed in-house software solutions. Some of them are protected by registered designs. Essential product names are registered trademarks (EUIPO) and for some of them global protection exists.

Transparency in the healthcare sector due to ATLAS MEDICUS®.

ATLAS MEDICUS® primarily consists of economic data from own research updated at least once a year. Additionally, there is a variety of interactive tools creating the basis for analysis and business planning, for illustrating maps and generating reports. This offers the opportunity for holistic and efficient consulting for your medical clientele.

Praxis to go® – mobile practice management.

Praxis to go® supports doctors and dentists with economic knowledge and contains assistants intuitively to handle. The mobile practice manager (smartphone compatible) also allows the data exchange with your tax consultant.

Just on line.

The ATLAS EXPLORER® technology enables us to create internet applications, originating from extensive text documents, such as large Word documents as well as other formats. Fully automated, these texts are read in via an interface and thus brought into a quickly searchable, easy to manage database structure. Our in-house development HIT-O-METER® serves as navigational tool.

Visual WWW search.

HIT-O-METER® is inextricably linked to ATLAS EXPLORER®. It visualizes the results of one or more subject areas of documents stored in the ATLAS EXPLORER®‘s database. The user receives an intuitive overview of the structure of the texts and of the distribution of relevant results – quantitative and qualitative – within the publication.

Meet the experts.

FORUM MEDICUM® is a European brand that offers a central point of contact for customer ordered events, conducted by REBMANN RESEARCH. At these events, we choose the topics and speakers, invite the interested parties and ensure a certification by the responsible Medical Chamber. In the future, we will also conduct virtual events under this umbrella brand.