Organisations, chambers, ministries and doctors’ associations benefit from our
customized economic studies on the healthcare sector.

REBMANN RESEARCH generates scientific reports and studies according to your individual requirements. We rely on our expert team consisting of business economists, health economists, public-health experts and doctors. On E-Marktwissen you can access our publications (e.g. ATLAS DENTAL market study and much more).

ATLAS MEDICUS® offers institutional
organisations detailed data and analysis assistants to monitor the medical care situation.

ATLAS MEDICUS® delivers a wide range of data and tools which play a major role in organizing the outpatient care sector. Our interactive tool “Regionalanalyse” (location analysis) illustrates the medical care situation – from a demand and competition view. The tool “Gesundheitsregionen” depicts the status of the individual counties. “Arztzentren” maps out the regional distribution of bigger outpatient cooperations.