Praxis to go® is a registered EU trademark

Praxis to go® is a registered EU trademark

Schramberg/Alicante. According to a notification from the EUIPO on the 25.02.2020, REBMANN RESEARCH GmbH & Co. KG is adding Praxis to go® to the EU trademark register. With Praxis to go® REBMANN RESEARCH is expanding its extensive product portfolio.

Praxis to go® mainly targets doctors, dentist and other medical professionals and supports them with practice management. With the help of a digital interface data can also be exchanged with a tax accountant. Medical and dental practices are business enterprises, too. Their success depends on an efficient workflow process and a deep knowledge of the economic data and key figures. However, daily business doesn’t often offer the resources required for economic controlling. Especially in times in which management requires more and more energy and effort, doctors are greatly challenged as entrepreneurs.

The doctor will receive – also on his smartphone – access to several digital assistants that enable him to get an economic overview of his practice. The controlling assistants allow – with just one click – to monitor the practice´s operating figures and to keep track of the practice´s development (turnover, expenses) and finances. It is possible to directly import the financial accounting data.

The benchmark assistant shows the productivity and profitability of the practice in comparison to a regional average practice. Further, it helps the doctor to keep track of his liquidity.



With “Investcheck” the doctor will get reliable information on planned investments, the corresponding amortisation period and what revenues can roughly be expected.


Is the doctor aware of his operational risks? Does he know his hedging status? Our risk analysis calculates a risk score for the practice and identifies hedging opportunities to secure the practice owner and his practice.

Last but not least, the assistant “Chefsache/business matters” offers an economic compendium that answers all the questions related to practice management. Our innovative searching tool allows the user to find results with only one click and thus save time when expert answers are required. Additionally, if a doctor is looking for a fast and simple exchange with colleagues and interesting partners, we gladly provide him with a well-developed network.



Praxis to go® assists medical professionals to operate successfully and securely and offers useful impulses for practice management.