creates transparency in the healthcare market.

ATLAS MEDICUS® has been making the outpatient healthcare market more transparent for many years. How does the economic business model of healthcare professionals work? What opportunities and risks are to be expected? What’s the benchmark and the competitive situation like? Many questions that can be answered by our regularly updated data pool and our wide range of digital consulting assistants.

Andrea Kern-Schnur
is your contact for ATLAS MEDICUS®.

Andrea Kern-Schnur, Business Administration (VWA)
+ 49 30 3230153-00

With her well-founded knowledge regarding outpatient care she enriches our analysis. She is also a specialist speaker at events that are attended by doctors and accountants. For 13 years, Andrea Kern-Schnur worked as a nurse at Heidelberg University Hospital and studied part-time business administration at VWA Mannheim. She then joined a company which specialized on doctors as a consultant, where she successfully completed a training as a systematical coach. After 10 years of employment in consulting, she transferred to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Berlin, with her main focus lying on new forms of contracts and fee structures.