PRACTICE PLANNER allows you to assist your customers in the best way possible – in any situation. Our consulting tool provides the opportunity to present and plan, over a multi-year basis, your clients practices. Additionally, this tool can also assist you when consulting in the private sector. A large number of reference values for various professions and regions are deposited in the background, enabling you to accelerate operation and improve your valid comparison as well as benchmark contemplation. Tax and credit calculations combined with an automated reporting system round this financial planning tool off. You will be astonished at the speed at which complex issues as well as profitability and liquidity plans can be drawn up as handouts for your customer. By making this tool tablet capable it is ideally suited for a mobile use when advising customers on site.


Plan the economic life

  • multi-year planning in consideration of the private sector
  • taxes and financing are calculated automatically
  • the most important industry benchmarks
  • regional and specialist group comparisons
  • time-series comparison is also possible internally
  • optimized for mobile counseling (tablet capable)


With her well-founded knowledge regarding outpatient care she enriches our analysis. She is also a specialist speaker at events that are attended by doctors and accountants. For 13 years, ANDREA KERN-SCHNUR worked as a nurse at Heidelberg University Hospital and studied part-time business administration at VWA Mannheim. She then joined a company which specialized on doctors as a consultant, where she successfully completed a training as a systematical coach. After 10 years of employment in consulting, ANDREA KERN-SCHNUR transferred to the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Berlin, with her main focus lying on new forms of contracts and fee structures.