We are an experienced
and interprofessional team focusing on health economics.

Our expert team, right to left, Dr. Petra Seisl, Dr. Elisabeth Leonhard, Dr. Bernd Rebmann and Andrea Kern-Schnur

Our multiprofessional team consist of business economists, health economists, computer scientists, web designers, engineers, and graphic designers. They are supported by media designers, journalists and two engineering teams.

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Dr. oec. Bernd Rebmann (HSG), Dipl.-Kfm., CEO
Dr. rer. pol. Petra Seisl, Dipl.-Kff., Procurist, Management Office Berlin
Dr. rer. pol. Elisabeth Leonhard, Dipl.-Kff., Editor-in-chief Media, Procurist
Andrea Kern-Schnur Betriebswirt (VWA), Senior Analyst and Trainer ATLAS MEDICUS®
Verena Heinzmann, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Senior Analyst and Human Resources
Thomas Brecht, Media Management (B.A.), Graphic
Daniel Möller, Dipl.-Informatiker, Software Engineer
Matthias Haberstroh, B. Sc. (Aerospace), Software Engineer
Birgit Bantle, Dipl. Bw. (FH), Dipl. Verww., Sales Management
Yvonne Oexle-Buhr, Press Relations and Sales
Helga Langenbacher, Assistent CEO, Data Protection Officer, Data Management
Sarah Rebmann, Research and Data Management
Daniele Staiger, Research and Testing
Sabine Schrenk, Finance and Data Management
Karin Pfaff, Research and Testing
Catrin Märländer, Quality Assurance Media
Enya Buser, Research and Data Management
Nadine Brohammer, B. Sc., Analyst
Stefanie Gorr, Analyst
Sandra Walch, Dipl. Bw. (BA) Business Informatics, System Manager
Marlen Rebmann, Student of Political Science
Fanny Mauch, Student of Business Administration Health Management
Claudia Mark, B. Sc., Analyst